Business Trip, Travel, Everyday life, Carry It Anywhere, Anytime. Travel Guitar MOGABI launches on Kickstarter

Foldable travel guitar, Mogabi launched on the biggest worldwide crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Mogabi is a super portable guitar that you can carry for your business trip, travel, and daily life, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Mogabi was designed as a stable guitar as well.

Mogabi designers have upgraded the structure to be locked properly when folded and unfolded. You can fold and unfold the Mogabi’s body using the hinge at the bottom and lock it by pressing it. Rest frames enable stable playing posture, and you can attach them to the body using the grooves. Make sure that the rest frames’ curved horn-shaped parts face the head. The mahogany neck and rosewood board present warm vibes, and its saddles and nuts made of ox bones enables a solid and clear sound. 

Mogabi’s transparent headcover protects the head and strings and keeps them clean from dust. It is also used to protect them from other things inside a suitcase. There are multiple functions Mogabi has, like original/multiple recording and multi-playing, record cancellation, and Bluetooth pairing.

You can solely record your playing (noise-free) without any separate recording devices, which would attract many buyers. You can also store 300 high-quality songs into the 32GB internal memory. Connect Mogabi to your PC or smartphone to download, edit, copy, and share.

While recording, you can always press on the 3rd nob and it will delete any unwanted music files right away. 

If you turn on Mogabi, it automatically sets to the ‘GTR Mode’ (Guitar Mode), which allows you to naturally play and record. B/T Mode allows you to pair with your external devices and listen to music. Mix Mode is the combination mode of those two modes. Using this mode, you can play and record with MR files through pairing. Lastly, Sleep Mode is activated if you press the Power button one more time. This mode is good for playing and recording in quiet places, and it only consumes a low battery.

Mogabi has 2600mA lithium-ion battery in it, so you can play it for 6 hours in a row. Without any other chargers, busking for a long time is not a problem. 

No soundbox, but don’t worry. Mogabi blasts its 40mm full-range speakers and keeps a stable sound. A powerful speaker enables the output of 40mm, full-range speakers. You can do busking without an amp.

In addition, you can use several functions like upload, download, mixing, editing, tuning, and other effects through the newly developed Mogabi app. This app allows sharing plays with people all around the world through the music cloud as well as wide variations of playing.