Insanely Breathtaking (Yet Little Known) Islands You Should Visit Soon

Photo by CC user Phillip Capper on Flickr.

Sometimes all you need is simply a fine getaway – but not where the path leads – but those really far and remote places where you can relax or engage your mental and physical wishes. For that, we’ve prepared some of the world’s most far-flung islands. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard some (or all) of them before, most people haven’t either.


Located between Fiji and Australia, the island nation of Vanuatu boasts 80 islands, and is a very popular destination both for Australians and backpackers from all walks of life. The main island of Efate has an active volcano that’s popular for tourists. Others include a jungle walk to Millennium Cave, and the natural swimming pool and waterfall at Leme Cascades, and since it’s an island, there’s snorkeling and diving to be had on Hideaway Island.
There’s leagues of awesome locations to behold, waters to swim in and forests to trek in Vanuatu. If you’re in Australia right now, cheap flights to Vanuatu is plentiful this time of the year. Book online to get instant seating and more promo discounts.

Azores, Portugal

Just a two-hour flight from Portugal is a location that looks distinctly Mediterranean. The archipelago is a popular European destination. It’s also the closest point in Europe that tourists from the United States can reach. An East Coast flight takes only about four hours, and there’s a direct flight available as well. You can explore the nine islands in the Azores, characterized by volcanoes, vineyards, fishing villages, crater lakes, farmhouses, all of which make a truly rare landscape. Everything is relatively inexpensive, so it’s an awesome alternative to pricey getaways.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Bay of Bengal’s 300-plus islands is filled with wind-swaying palm trees and lined with white-sand beaches. A popular destination for North Indians who flocks to the island during the months of May to June around the holidays. However, there’s a pleasantry of activities and sightseeing year-round. Many of the remote islands here are still inhabited by indigenous Andaman Islanders who shun visitors – and there has been hostility to visitors who attempted contact – then again, there’s plenty of other island options. Neil Island and Havelock Island are popular for diving and snorkeling, as their well-preserved coral reefs are home to rays, sea turtles, and yes, sharks.

Ponza, Italy

The best undiscovered Italian island isn’t Capri and the other islands of Naples, it’sPonza, which is a 70-minute ferry ride from Anzio. It is an extremely popular vacation spot for Italians, and the best time to go is in early summer before the big crowds come, or during September when the crowds start to leave. Rent a boat and tour around the island’s beautiful coastline and surrounding minor islands, including the nature reserve, Palmorola. The local seafood and Mediterranean dishes rival the most prestigious restaurants on the Mediterranean islands.

End Note
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