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The Best Countries for Street Food in The World

Mexico one of the Best Countries for Street Food in The World

Restaurants are fine and dandy but if you are craving the real deal, nothing beats street food. While many places offer street food, the best countries in the world for street food need to offer variety, authenticity, atmosphere, killer deals and most of all unique flavors. Check out a few of my favorite locales for street eats: Thailand Often the first country that comes to mind when you think about the best street food in the world, Thailand offers delicious, affordable and sometimes seemingly bizarre eats. What set Thailand apart is the accessibility of their street foods. Cooking on the streets is a way…

Best Places to Buy a Vacation Investment Property

Investment Property Vacation Playa Del Carmen

Looking for a cool vacation destination that may also earn you some cash? Here are some of the best places to buy a vacation investment property. From beachfront to mountain side these homes will cater to all tastes and nearly all budgets. With the rising dollar, the time may be right to purchase an international vacation investment. So have a look a look at this list but remember to always do your homework when it comes to financial decisions. Japan’s Mountains Tokyo is usually what comes to mind when people think about Japanese properties but why not consider a chalet…