Best Places to Buy a Vacation Investment Property

Looking for a cool vacation destination that may also earn you some cash? Here are some of the best places to buy a vacation investment property. From beachfront to mountain side these homes will cater to all tastes and nearly all budgets. With the rising dollar, the time may be right to purchase an international vacation investment. So have a look a look at this list but remember to always do your homework when it comes to financial decisions.

Japan’s Mountains
Tokyo is usually what comes to mind when people think about Japanese properties but why not consider a chalet in the Japanese Alps?  Japan’s stunning culture shines bright on a cold winter mountain side night. These idyllic ski ready lodges make for the perfect white Christmas getaway. With countless beautiful historic villages scattered throughout the mountains, the summers are equally picturesque. Japan’s mountain homes are significantly cheaper than those in Tokyo making it more accessible for the vacation buyer. Also, could you think of a more lovely place to enjoy the annual cherry blossom festival?

Playa Del Carmen

Investment Property Vacation Playa Del Carmen
Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen is easily accessible, unimaginably beautiful, and affordable. This makes it an ideal location for a vacation investment property. Playa Del Carmen is conveniently located between the beautiful ruins and authentic village of Tulum, the party international party destination of Cancún, the under-the-radar of island of Cozumel. The quality of Playa Del Carmen’s beaches combined with its proximity to airports and plethora of low cost flights make this a perfect a location for a weekend warrior’s vacation property. While your neighbors are spending their weekends cleaning guitars back home, you could be sitting on you balcony, drinking a a margarita, and watching the sunset over the Yucatán Peninsula.


Vacation Investment Istanbul
Straddling both the Asian and European continents, Turkey’s largest city offers an unique perspective on both the East and the West. This historic city is one of the oldest in the world and happens to be in the middle of of housing boom, with prices rising over the past few years. A vacation property here could not only be a great investment but it is a vacation location you could end up calling home. Istanbul is a diverse, livable city that offers some of the best waterside views. Istanbul’s climate features the best of all four seasons and the city’s international appeal gives visitors access to any necessary conveniences. Istanbul’s legendary restaurants are reason enough to take a vacation here, not to mention the seemingly endless supply of historic sites Whether you are a foodie, a history buff, or a seeking the European cosmopolitan life on a budget, this Mediterranean gem offers it all.

While many people think a vacation property is only for the wealthy, if you plan correctly and do your research, an investment vacation property may be one of the most rewarding ways to build wealth. But most importantly choose a location that you  love, has plenty to explore, and is easily accessible and affordable. So get out there and start your search!