Why I Decided That Vacation Rentals Were Better Than Hotels

A few years ago I took a vacation with the family down to North Carolina in a beautiful lute peninsula called Outerbanks. This was an entirely new experience for me, in part because I had never visited this region of the States before but more importantly because this would be the first time that I had used a vacation rental. I found a stunning home to rent though vacation rental site Elan Vacations and simply couldn’t resist booking it. In the past I had always opted for a hotel because I just thought that they were easier and honestly, more comfortable. How wrong I was.

Here are just a few reasons why I have now decided that if I can help it, I will book vacation rentals over hotels every time.

Better Prices

On the whole my experience of vacation rentals have been that they provide far better value for money than hotels do. When I weigh up the benefits and disadvantages and then factor in price it is quite clear to me that my dollar goes much further than it does in a vacation rental. You can of course,always find hotels which are cheaper than vacation rentals but in terms of what you get for your money, you will always be better with a rental.

More Privacy

If you want to have a vacation where you will get ultimate privacy then head to a rental, sure a hotel room offers privacy but if you really want to lounge, sunbathe, eat and swim without leering strangers, then a vacation rental is the way to go.

Better For Groups

If you are heading away as part of a group then a rental will give you and your party a far better option than dividing yourself up into different hotel rooms. Shared kitchen and living spaces mean that you can spend more time with the group rather than in amongst strangers. When it comes to booking as a group you will also be far better off with a rental as the price will be far better than paying for individual rooms for everyone. Eating costs come down too as you can all chip in to make something in the kitchen as opposed to eating out in restaurants all of the time.


Generally speaking, hotels can be very monotonous and severely lack in character, this is something that you will not get with a vacation rental and if you want to go somewhere that feels more like a home from home then this is by far the better choice. Most vacation rentals have been individually designed and they have that human touch about them, small antiques, paintings on the wall, cosy living spaces and beautiful bedrooms. If you want a vacation where you know that you will feel perfectly comfortable then don’t bother booking the whitewashed hotel, instead try out some accommodation with a little personality and book up a vacation rental home.