Top 5 Romantic Activities in Paris

Paris really is the perfect getaway for lovers whether young couples, newly weds or octogenarians who have been together for years. Very often, cities like Paris get tagged with a certain theme or stereotype and more often than not, you arrive and it is very different from what it’s reputation would suggest. The notion that Paris is the city of love however, is absolutely on the money and just walking around the city, you can feel something different in the air. If you want a romantic getaway with your partner then look no further than the French capital, and here is what to do whilst you’re there.

Love Locking

The ultimate way to say I love you in Paris is to inscribe the initials of you and your partner onto a padlock and then lock it onto one of the many bridges which cross the River Seine. This is not only a nice gesture but it ensures that you will forever leave a piece of your relationship in the city of love.

Moulin Rouge

If you want to add a little bit of excitement to your romantic weekend then head on down to the burlesque club, the Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge has gained notoriety around the World thanks to the roaring 20s when it introduced the World to burlesque and the name has prompted films and songs based on the legendary club. If you want to see a Moulin Rouge show then you need to get booked up early as this place sells out most nights.

Old School

You can recreate those old images of Paris where a couple drive underneath the Champs Elysees, incidentally the best place for pharmacy shopping in Paris (Pharmacie Monge) in a Citroen CV2. There are many companies in the city which offer these beautiful retro cars for you to rent for a day or two and cruise around the city in style. Just be careful if you have not driven abroad before as Paris can get pretty hectic.

Seine Cruise

There are few experiences more romantic than taking a meal and some champagne as you float down the River Seine as the sunsets. Rolling down the river you will see the attractions of Paris light up in the darkness from the Louvre art gallery to the cathedral of Notre-Dame and of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower. There are many boats which offer a sunset cruise and if you want to wow your partner then that is exactly what you should do.

Bistro Bliss

Despite Paris’ popularity, you can still find many quaint French bistros down mazy streets where you and your loved one can eat home-cooked food in near-privacy. The best course of action when you are roaming through the streets of Paris is to simply gamble down small streets, you never know what you will find. Some of the finest restaurants in the city are not those with Michelin stars, but those which are hidden away and with a little bit of searching, you and your partner can find your very own corner of this amazing city.