Top 5 Reasons You Should Holiday in Jersey This Year

If you are looking for somewhere different to go on holiday this year then the answer could very well be sitting on your doorstep. Just 55 minutes flying time from London will see you arrive on the magnificent island of Jersey, a beautiful island with much to offer all kinds of different tourists. This is often a destination that is overlooked by many and that leaves plenty of space for you to enjoy this hidden gem just off the English coast.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you should go on a holiday to Jersey then we have put together our top 5 reasons why it should be on your destination list this year.

The Beaches

The island may be relatively small but its coastline offers some of the finest beaches in Britain. There is 85 kilometers of coast to discover on the island and the majority of it is covered in soft, sandy beaches. Thanks to the island’s close proximity to France rather than Britain, guests can also enjoy a very warm climate, at least warm enough for some sunbathing.

Water Sports

When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade, when your entire surroundings are filled with water… naturally, you learn how to play on it. That is exactly what you will find here in Jersey and there are a whole host of water activities to get involved with during your stay. From surfing to paddle boarding, windsurfing to kayaking, there are all manner of water sports that you can have a go at during your holiday.


Many people will talk about the ‘amazing food’ which most places offer, usually a vacuous sentence to entice you to go, but in Jersey, the food is the real deal. Despite the size of the island, the food on display in Jersey is phenomenal and restaurants such as The Boathouse, El Tico and Ormer offer some of the finest seafood which you are likely to have tasted.


The fact that Jersey is so close to British shores means that regardless of where you are flying from, you can cut your travel time down significantly and focus on enjoying your time away. In many cases, you can travel to your Jersey hotel from your front door in under 4 hours, something which cannot be said for many places in the world, let alone from the UK.

Historic Culture

Jersey was actually occupied by the Germans during World War Two and they have left behind a touch of dark culture which is still visible to this day. For the history enthusiasts amongst you, you will be able to explore the Nazi tunnels and the underground hospital which they constructed. This is a sobering trip to be sure but one which gives you an insight into another era of this interesting island.

We could go on about the vineyards, the zoo or the opera house in order to entice you to go to Jersey this year but a far better option is that you take our word for it, and check it out yourself.