Best UK Spots For a Cottage Break

Somewhat surprisingly, each year there are less and less Brits who are taking vacations in Britain itself and preferring to take their vacation time in foreign lands. Tourism numbers did peak somewhat shortly after the financial crisis of 2008 as many were watching their pennies but things have since returned to normal. This is surprising because of the sheer beauty which many Brits can find on their own doorstep and by far and away the best way to see it is with a cottage stay in the UK.

If you’d like to take a vacation in your own front yard then here are some of the best locations for a British cottage retreat.


On the southern coast of England is a beautiful, lush green county called Hampshire which offers tourists both domestic and international alike, the perfect place for a country retreat. Much of the county’s green areas are protected which are situated in two national parks, the South Downs and the New Forest, together occupying around 45% of the county. Both national parks are a great place to stay if you are looking for a cottage retreat and there is much in both parks to explore and to keep yourself busy with if you are up for some activities. A relaxing cottage holiday in Hampshire is the perfect way to explore the Great British countryside.

Scottish Highlands

For a really remote stay, why not look to the Scottish Highlands for your cottage break, the Highlands of Scotland are as isolated as it gets in the United Kingdom and the area feels as though it has hardly been touched by humans. If you love to walk and hike then this is certainly the place for you and you will be able to spend your days exploring the Scottish countryside before settling down in your cottage for the evening. There are some small towns throughout the Highlands where you can enjoy the local fun but many of the cottages are of the retreat variety.


The southern coast of Britain¬†is unlike any other part of the country when it comes to climate and its landscape and none are more different than Cornwall. Along the beautiful south west English coastline you will find some of the nation’s most outstanding beaches, a temporal climate and a variety of quaint villages and towns which you can visit. The beauty of Cornwall is that much of the counties attractions are relatively close to each other so you can stay in your isolated cottage whenever you like and then take a trip to towns like Falmouth, Padstow or Newquay whenever you choose. Cornwall is a highly underrated location in England and because of this, it only sees a smattering of tourists each year, the result of this is that much of the county is unspoiled by heavy tourism and as such is a great place to enjoy a cottage break.

There are many British locations aside from our top 3 where you can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing cottage break, perhaps this year you should opt for that and explore more of our beautiful countryside.