Tips To Make the Most of Watching Euro Championship in France

The Euro Championship in France will be an epic event that is not to be missed

Photo by CC user TeZeD17 on Wikimedia Commons

The Euro Championship is second after World Cup and is something many people look forward to. If you are watching this season’s Euro Championship in France, you may need some tips to help you enjoy the events more and keep memories about every of your steps while in France. After the matches, you have several places to visit and many activities to indulge in while in France. Here are tips that will guide you on your visit to France for the Euro Championship.

Carry your passport everywhere

If you are a visitor, you would not like anything to disrupt you while watching the matches or while spending time with new friends in France. A passport is a document that identifies you and allows the authorities to confirm the validity of your presence in the country. When you are caught and cannot produce the document, you may have to spend many hours waiting for your case to be resolved so you can watch more matches. This may prove turn and against your expectations. Always ensure you have your passport and the details on it should match with what is recorded in the immigration database.

Watch what you pack

Don’t carry items that may be considered a threat to security. You should avoid carrying items like penknives or large bottles as the officers inspecting fans may put you aside for questioning and further screening. Obviously, if you are stopped for carrying such items you may spend a lot of time outside, sometimes missing important matches. Also ensure your summer travel insurance is updated before travelling to France to avoid complications in case some risks occur.

Arrive in time at the stadium

Following attacks in Paris, security checks have become more and you cannot enter a stadium unless you are checked first. With more than 10,000 fans waiting to watch a match, you may have to wait too long outside before you are able to enter the stadium. This may also mean you will not have a choice for a seating position. Therefore, arriving in time allows you to choose a perfect position that will allow you to watch the match uninterrupted.

Learn a little French

The fact that you come from an English speaking county does not mean every country speaks English. In fact, you may find it challenging to communicate while in France if you cannot speak French. Most people in France use French as the only language of communication, so you need to learn before embarking on your journey to this beautiful country. You can do this by enrolling a basic course for one or two weeks and you will enjoy watching Euro Championships in France as you also make friends from other places.