Choosing a good pair of sunglasses for travel

There are more than style considerations in play when it comes to Choosing a good pair of sunglasses for travel

When hitting the trail, there are many things that will make your trip easier. In our mind, sunglasses are one of the most important accessories a traveler can bring, as the sun can be very strong in many popular tropical destinations.

Even in temperate climates, the UV rays that the sun gives off can seriously harm your eyes over years of exposure.

Protecting your sight by using sunglasses is crucial, whether you are on vacation or at home.

We also realize that you want to be the coolest dude/gal on the beach. In this article, we’ll talk about how to guard your sight while making a fashion statement with your new pair of shades.

They should filter out virtually all UVA/UVB rays

As good as the tropical sun feels, exposing your eyes to it can have some serious long-term consequences.

Left unchecked, UV rays can lead to the formation of cataracts, or worse, they can trigger the development of cancerous growths.

To defend against these threats, make the sunglasses you buy are certified to stop UVA and UVB radiation.

By filtering out 95% of UVAs and 99% of UVBs, the risk of developing the above-mentioned conditions goes down considerably.

Take special care to ensure any pair you buy is not cosmetic. They may look the part, but they don’t do anything to protect you against UV radiation.

Going on a ski trip? Plan on going boating a lot during your tropical vacation? Be sure to get polarized lenses, as they do a better job filtering reflected light.

What pair of sunglasses should you go with?

The problem with buying a quality pair of sunglasses is that there are so many models to choose from. With tons of shapes, colors, and styles, it can be easy to develop analysis paralysis.

Start by evaluating the shape of your face. Is it round? Square lenses will compliment them best. Conversely, round lenses will stand out the most on someone who has a square face.

Now that you have this issue sorted, pick your style. If you are a sporty type, wraparounds may make the most sense, as they shield your eyes completely from reflected light – this is ideal if you are going to be out on the water when you are on holiday.

Want to look like Tom Cruise, circa 1985? Aviators will have travelers wondering if you are a pilot on a well-deserved holiday.

No matter your preferences, there is a style out there that will appeal to you.

Color can make a difference

Color is more than a matter of personal preference when it comes to sunglasses. Selecting a specific shade can aid greatly in your enjoyment of activities on vacation.

Tearing down the slopes becomes more fun when you are sporting brown lenses, copper lenses makes it easier for even recreational golfers to hit a straight drive, and tennis players can enjoy similar results by donning sunglasses with blue/green lenses.

Make sure they are scratch-resistant

As much as you try to avoid doing so, you will eventually drop your glasses. Don’t wreck your new pair on the first day of your vacation because you stumbled on a crack in a sidewalk, sending your glasses onto the rough concrete below.

Make sure any pair of glasses you buy are scratch-resistant so you can protect this important investment.