Single parents: how to travel safely with kids in tow

For many of us, travelling alone is a challenge in itself – what more for single parents who want to bring their tots along with them during a holiday break or a weekend getaway?

It’s no surprise that single parents get the short end of travel package deals. Travel companies focus on two adults who pay for two more than a single parent. The lack of options shouldn’t deter you because it’s definitely doable – and downright enjoyable to travel with your kid/s in tow!

Here are some travel safety tips to remember so you can focus on the fun and not on the hitches.

Update your medical kit and get insurance. Single parent travellers, especially those headed overseas should always have a travel medical kit with the most common medications necessary. You won’t have the luxury to go out into the night to hunt down a medicine to reduce fever or treat diarrhoea so having what you need ahead of time is extremely important.

Also, any traveller worth his/her salt knows the importance of insurance, so it’s vital to get travel insurance quote way ahead of your flight to help you choose the best option. There’s a variety of insurance available for adults and children, so take your time to consult experts, learning what each premium mean, and carefully reading the fine print.

Book the right room. Your choice of room or lodging can actually make or break a trip with the kids. Call ahead of time if you’re staying at a hotel to check if there’s a crib option. Many hotel sites have options to filter hotels with kid-friendly features such as cribs. The same goes with resorts and cruise lines. Take advantage of things bonuses like in-room refrigerators and keep snacks flowing.

If you will stay for more than a night or two, consider renting an apartment or home instead of through websites like Airbnb. Rentals generally don’t have extra fees and there’s more room to breathe.

Travel with your car seat and/or stroller in tow. Sometimes you can’t rely on a car seat being available depending on your destination.Yes, this means extra luggage for a single parent, but many new car seats today have backpack straps.

On the other hand, a stroller can be your best friend on the road. It can keep your kid safely corralled when you’re in busy places and allows them to sleep comfortably when they crash,plus it doubles as a pack-mule allowing you to drag your items and suitcase behind. Get one with big wheels so it can manage uneven streets.

Snap a photo of your kids. You have a smartphone with you for sure, so take a snap of your kids every morning. In the event they get lost, you won’t remember exactly what they’re wearing, and this is where you can benefit from a new snap to give the authorities. Plus, more photos mean more memories!

End Note

Travel insurance is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a vacation with young ones in tow. The premiums for travel insurance vary depending on the age and health of both you and your kids as well as the destination and total cost of the trip. If you have no idea about the cost, you can get travel insurance quote online instantly through top providers.

Travel safe and have fun!