Tips for Never Missing a Flight Again

If you’ve have ever missed a flight before the you will know the gut-wrenching feeling of embarrassment, helplessness and stupidity that it brings on. Regardless of whether the fault was your own through not being prepared or the fault of outside influences the fact of the matter is, being so late for a flight that it leaves without you is something that will cost you time, often money and it is quite simply just an annoyance that nobody wants to deal with. Fortunately we live in a World of technological advancements and have more services at our finger-tips than ever before to help us avoid missing that all important flight, here are some great tips for you to avoid doing exactly that.

Online Check-In


Something that can save you a great deal of time if you’re rushing for your flight is the online check-in services that the large majority of airline services offer. This service works particularly well if you are only using carry-on luggage. Queuing at the check-in desk can be really time consuming, particularly if you are heading to a popular location, with the online check-in you can avoid it all. Simply enter your passport and a few other personal details and you can print your own boarding pass, then arrive at the airport and head past the queues straight to security. Fast, simple and will shave valuable minutes off your journey.

Transfer Services

It’s important to prepared ahead of time for your journey to the airport. Relying on public transport can present problems, tube strikes, heavy traffic or rail closures can add stress and panic to your journey. Booking taxis or private cars to the airport is the best way to make your transfer, companies such as Blacklane who offer dedicated airport transfer services are the best way to avoid doubt and ensure that you make your flight on time.

Know Your Security Rules

Something that can add valuable minutes to your time in the airport is being unprepared when you are going through security. Almost every airport in the World requires the same things and if you don’t adhere to them then you will only make things more difficult for yourself when you get there. Liquids under 50ml are allowed and must be in a plastic bag, liquids over 50ml are not allowed,  laptops and electronic devices should be taken out of your carry-on for scanning, if you wear a belt you should remove it, some require you to remove your shoes. If you are rushing to catch your flight and you waste 10 minutes in security because you weren’t prepared then you are likely to face the consequences of a missed flight, be prepared and get that flight.

Travel Diary Apps

There are several phone applications in the market that can hold your entire travel itinerary and give you updates about where you are heading and when. Once you sign up and enter your email address, the apps’ algorithm has the ability to pick up these emails (such as airline confirmations) and add them to your trip. Using apps like these can help you stay on top of your travel times and can give you regular updates on your flights, a great way to avoid any mistakes and missed flights.

Missing or being late for flights is not always with our control. Delays can happen. If you are delayed for a flight, it is important that you know that there could be compensation available. Should the worst happen, view how to claim compensation here.