Planning a Personalized Tour of Boston

Are you interested in touring one of America’s most historic big cities? One where many of the events that laid the foundation for the forming of the United States occurred and where there are still landmarks that mark those events today. You can see those landmarks and relive the stories if you visit one of America’s greatest cities Boston, Massachusetts. While in Boston there are also some modern sites to see as well that exhibit the beauty and allure of this great city.

The Best Way to See Boston is on a Group Tour

The sites in Boston are scattered throughout the city and the city is often called a maze because of the many small and difficult to navigate streets. A great way to visit its iconic sites is in a group tour in a Boston charter tour bus rental. Going in a group is economical and allows you to relax and recline and leave the driving to a professional.

When you go to Boston you can see a number of important landmarks. Here is a selection of those you and your group can tour in the city:

The Revere House

Paul Revere is one of the most famous names in American history because of the ride he took to alert the colonial troops that the British were coming and it was time to take up arms. He rode through the streets of Boston with a light and loud voice on that monumental night. This 42 year old Blacksmith and engraver was also fighting for the colonies against the British and became a symbol of the resistance. Today the road he traveled is called the Freedom Trail and it and his home has been made a monument to his efforts. The Revere House is a National Historic Monument and is today, Boston’s oldest standing building having been built in 1680. It is open to visitors daily and you can relive his trek and walk down the cobblestone streets as some any others through the centuries have. The house is complete with the same furniture from the era.

 Old Ironsides

In the history of the US there have been many battleships that have become legends, but none has become more revered than the Old Ironsides. The USS Constitution was built and made its first voyage from Boston in 1787. Today you can see why the ship was so successful in so many US wars. In the War of 1812, it sunk 5 British ships and since has sunk more than 40 others. The ship was so successful that it still reigns as having had the longest service record. Yes even today, 200 years later it is still commissioned. Old Ironsides sits in Boston Harbor today and function as a floating monument to famous early US sea battles. Your group can take a guided tour of the USS Constitution and see how the ship has been kept in pristine condition.

The Boston Tea Party

If you want to find the most iconic event leading to the US War of Independence, then look no forther than the happening in Boston Harbor around the events of the Boston Tea Party. On December 16, 1773 the colonists decided they had enough taxation without representation and of the British undercutting the pricing of US goods to insure revenue went back to England.  One important product that was priced too low by the British was their tea, so the patriots decided to destroy the entire shipment of British tea by pouring it into Boston Harbor. The even set off a series of chain reactions that led to the defiance that became the Revolutionary War.

Today, Boston continues to mark the place where this act of defiance occurred and has kept many of the articles from that event included in the Boston Tea Party Museum located right on the Congress Street Bridge. There are replicas of two ships from that time the Eleanor and the Beaver, and a tea chest like the ones thrown overboard. Tourists can also view an interactive presentation at the museum where period actors act out the events of the Boston Tea Party. Tourists can participate and even sample tea at the museum.

Tour Boston with your group and see how America gained its independence.