The best trips to take after a night of fun in Bucharest

Romania has recently become one of the hottest travel destinations in Europe. With two million visitors annually and thousands of bachelor parties that happen here prove the fact that Bucharest is a thriving nightlife paradise. Many of those visitors swear that some trips they had to famous historical sites the next day after heavy partying were both relaxing and educational experiences.

From castles and torture chambers of infamous Count Dracula to paradise-like landscapes of Balkans nature. Take a look at what amazing trips you can take after those long nights of having fun in the Romanian capital.

1. Transylvania – The home of Count Dracula

We all know that many of us are ready to travel long distances in order to feel some of that nightlife in Bucharest. But, the great chances are that you already heard about notorious Count Dracula and his infamous land of Transylvania. It is the most legendary place of vampire folklore. The mysterious Vlad III, better known as Vlad the Impaler in Romania ruled from the huge medieval castle that’s surrounded with a brThe best trips to take after a night of fun in Bucharesteathtaking landscape that resembles site from fairy tales.

This is without the doubt the everyone’s favorite trip while on vacation in Romania. You have an option for a guided tour with a hotel pickup that will last approximately half of the day. There are numerous museums and gift shops around the castle that make beautiful hand-made souvenirs that can make a lovely gift for someone or to simply adore your household with the memory of this amazing trip. There are also numerous famous Romanian wineries that you will find along the way so don’t miss a chance to try some of that while you are there, or bring a bottle of it back home.

2. Brasov – Adventure to medieval Romania

Fringed by the high peaks of the Southern Carpathian Mountains, Romania’s capital of winter, Brasov, attracts travelers from across the world, and many of them came for this particular city-attraction. You’ll see why once you learn a little bit more about what this one-of-a-kind medieval destination has to offer.

Bran Castle that is already attraction on its own, is situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Brasov. It is a proud Romanian national monument that adorned postcards from Romania for centuries. The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. This trip will take you approximately the same time as the trip into inner Transylvania. For any devoted history fan, this place is a must-stop on your way through sub-urban Romania.

The breathtaking nature that you will encounter along the way will come to you like a refreshing experience since the road will be full of stunning panoramas that will fill your camera memory and mind instantly. Needless to say, this trip will come as a perfect remedy after that heavy partying in urban Bucharest.

3. Venture into the wilderness

The best clubs in Bucharest should be at the same level of tourist attraction that is captivating Carpathian mountains. If you wake up with a hangover after that crazy night of relentless fun in Bucharest, you can be in lush paradise that is hard to describe with words in less than eight hours. This mysterious mountain range is a famous hiking spot and place full of sites that decorated many of those wallpapers we saw on the internet for years.

Just sitting in a circle of your friends while you all observe these stunning landscapes can be a life-changing experience and the enchantment to your soul forever. You will be welcomed with mysterious folklore tales from the locals who will be more than generous to help you around.

There are numerous restaurants where you are able to try traditional Romanian cuisine in its most organic and perfect form. Not to mention that in such serenity surrounding time passes so slowly. Be sure to consider taking this trip as it might come as a perfect opportunity to rest your body and soul like never before.

In conclusion

Not only that Bucharest nocturnal festivities attract curious visitors from all around the world but there is a lot more to Romania then that. If you are not planning to spend all of your time in Bucharest then consider visiting one of these locations. They will have both therapeutic and educational character and will win over you with their beauty and charm forever. After all, how can someone visit Romania without seeing why Count Dracula is so world-wide famous with your own eyes.