Add Some Spice To Your Vacation With These Alternative Choices

There is nothing wrong with spending your vacations relaxing on the beach with the sun beating down and passing your evenings drinking wine on the deck as you watch the sunset. With this being said, there is always a time to spice things up a little and spend you annual vacation doing something just a little bit different. If this sounds like something that you would be up for doing this year then we have put together some great ideas so that you can avoid the fortnight at the beach and broaden your horizons this year.

Float Away on a Cruise

A cruise is a great way to spend your vacation, you will take in several different locations, so much so that you will probably wake up in a different port each morning. Aside from the great locations that you will see, most cruise ships are simply incredible and offer everything from pools, Las Vegas-style shows, first class restaurants and even shopping centers. If you’re not sure whether this is for you then why not book a mini cruise first so that you can get a taste of what it is like over a shorter period of time.

Dedicate it to Love

Why not combine your travel this year with a passion of yours and take a tour that lends itself to something you love or a hobby of yours. You could take a wine tour throughout South America for example or a surfing tour across Costa Rica or even a food tour of Italy, whatever your passion is, why not turn it into a reason to see more of the World!

Strap on a Backpack

Backpacking is no longer something that is done by young gap year students who want to grow dreadlocks and make plans to save the World. Whilst these young, ambitious hippies still exist, backpacking can be done by anyone and it allows you to see several destinations in one trip and see the ‘real’ side of a country, away from their tourist trap beaches and landmarks. Even if you have a family, why not each get some backpacks, make a plan to overland it through Europe and go and see the very best of the World’s culture.

Time to Get Active

If you truly want to mix up your vacation this year then you could give your plans a shot of adrenaline and take on an adventure vacation. There are adventures to be had all of the World but there are some which specialize in high-octane, heart stopping and all out crazy activities which will keep you turn your vacation into a fun-filled adventure. Countries like South Africa and New Zealand for example not only offer friendly locals, stunning landscapes and iconic scenery, they are also specialists in adventure and exploration and if you want a vacation like no other, then you should look into making it one that is packed with activities.