4 Sri Lanka Markets you Shouldn’t Miss

Sri Lanka, the island country in the south of India, is one of the popular tourist destinations world-wide. The perfect climate, food, culture and range of attractive tourist spots are some of the reasons that make this country a favoured place for holidaying with family and friends. If you are a shopaholic, then the gorgeous island country is nothing less than a delight for you. From high-end to regular street products, you’ll find everything that will leave you spoilt for choices. So, if you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka anytime any time soon, make sure you visit the popular markets of cities like Kandy and Colombo. Here we have listed the 4 places that should be on your list during your trip:

Orchid House: If you like collecting antique pieces, you must visit the Orchid House on your trip to Sri Lanka.It is located in Galle, near the fort. From beautiful handcrafted jewelery to books, natural spa products, tea, spices and other handicrafts, you’ll find so many things to shop here, that it will not be possible for you to leave with a single bag!If you book your stay in any of the Galle hotels, the likes of Yoho Bed, it will be easier for you to reach the place and come back to your hotel with those many shopping bags.

Pettah Market:This is not just the largest, but one of the most prominent markets in Colombo. It is a street market, which is divided into a number of blocks. Do not be surprised to see the noise, maddening traffic and haggling. The best way to explore the whole place is to take a taxi or a tuk-tuk to the edge of the market and then walk further ahead to discover all the shops and goodies. This open market is massive and sprawling, so it is better that you go with a group of people rather than solo. From food, fabrics to jewelery and electronics, you’ll find everything and that too at prices you’ll be happy to pay.

Jaffna market: Located right in the heart of Jaffna, this colourful market is popular for selling fresh fruits, vegetables, exotic spices and local confectionaries. If you are good at bargaining this market will be nothing less than a treasure trove. You’ll find many open air pavilions, with vendors waiting to show off their goods. The market is closed by six in the evening, so make sure you plan your visit accordingly. If you want to taste the city’s unique flavour, make sure you visit this market on your trip to Sri Lanka.

Anuradhapura New Town Weekend Market:Anuradhapura is known for its beautiful temples and religious festivities. But if you are here to explore this ancient city, don’t forget to visit the weekend market in the New Town. If you have booked your stay in a hotel in Anuradhapura, you’ll just have to take a bus ride to reach the New Town Market. The main street is packed with restaurants and shops. Do visit the incredible market on the weekend and try out the local delicacies. Here, you’ll also find many ingredients for traditional Ayurvedic medicine.