5 Tips to a Great Vacation


If a vacation sounds like a definite for you these days, where exactly are you thinking of heading to?

Depending on the amount of money you may be considering spending, you travel options should be rather wide.

Unless you are planning on a quick and inexpensive getaway, the idea of traveling outside the U.S. might very well be on your mind. If so, make sure you do plenty of research (travel agents, Internet etc.) ahead of time. Doing so will make it easier for you to get the information you need, along with making sure you are going where you want.

That being the case, a trip to South America, Europe, Asia etc. could very well be on your itinerary over the holidays or even in 2017.

So, are you ready to make sure this upcoming trip is one you will never forget (for all the right reasons)?

Educate Yourself on a Fantastic Getaway

So that you are best able to enjoy your planned vacation, keep these five tips in mind:

  1. Destination – First and foremost, be sure of where your travels will take you. While some travelers make plans on the run, many others like to have each and every detail planned out. Whether you are thinking of travel to Brazil for Carnival, heading to Europe to hopscotch around a number of countries, or perhaps going Down Under to see all Australia has to offer, educate yourself. For instance, keep in mind that South America and Australia have their summers while North America is dealing with wintertime. If you live in a cold environment in the U.S., going to South America, Australia etc. for a break from winter weather here is a good idea. Also take note of what kind of travel times you are looking at to get to and from your destination, allowing your body to better adjust;
  1. Dress – If you do in fact decide to head far away from home and to a different climate, be sure to properly dress for the trip. The last thing you want to do is get somewhere, only to find you do not have the right kind of clothing for the venture. If that happens, you could end up spending a fair amount of money on “new” clothes, clothes that you likely have similar to at home. Review the weather forecasts for that time of year where you’re ahead, along with what the locals typically wear. Whether you plan on getting in lots of beach time or hiking in the mountains, don’t get caught shorthanded when it comes to clothing.

Avoiding Money Hassles

  1. Money – The idea of a vacation is to get away for a period of time, leaving the daily grind behind you. In order to best do that, you don’t want money to make you anxious. Set aside money for both the travel needs (airfare or cruise, hotel, rental cars or taxis etc.), and then put aside what you think you are likely to need for things such as meals, entertainment etc. What you want to avoid is tallying a huge credit card bill or even running out of money before you get back home;
  1. Memories – Assuming you want to capture all the fun stuff on your trip, make sure you have a working camera for pictures and/or video. Nothing will upset you more (except maybe losing your money and/or passport) than if you take a bunch of pictures, only to find they did not come out. Check your smartphone picture options to make sure they’re working the minute you land at your destination. If you still use a point-and-shoot camera, make sure it is working, along with having plenty of film at your disposal;
  1. Medicines – Finally, although you never hope to get sick far from home, it certainly happens. That said be sure to pack the necessary meds before you leave home. While you may need nothing more than your regular prescriptions, having all your bases covered is important. The same goes for other daily supplies (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc.) that many take for granted and forget to bring. Also, be sure to brush-up before leaving on your trip on the foods (and drinks) you’re likely to find at your destination or destinations. Knowing ahead of time what you can and can’t eat and drink will be one less thing to worry about.

With that information, are you ready to make it a great vacation to come?