Great Ways In Which You Can Travel The World

My buddy Mack Prioleau and I were talking the other day about our travels that we took after college, we both went at different times and different routes but both were similar in terms of the fact that we had next to no money whilst doing so. One thing we noticed most was that in these days of the internet, it has never been easier for people to travel the World and be able to make money whilst they do it.

There are so many options which people can take now when it comes to traveling that we wish the same opportunities had been around when it was our time to travel the globe. If you are interested in strapping on a backpack and heading out to see the World then here are some of the awesome ways in which you can make it happen.


We should probably start with the traditional way of doing things which is that you absolutely work your butt off to save up as much cash as humanly possible and then you hit the road. Doing things this way will probably see you staying in hostels and budget accommodation, buying food from the street and having to say no to an awful lot of adventures on the road. It may be tough but you are guaranteed to have one hell of a time!

Working Travel

Teaching English in Asia, working on a vineyard in France, a goat farm in Israel, there are lots of ways in which you can head out to see the World and work whilst you are doing it. The only downsides with this kind of travel is that you are likely to be stuck in one place for quite a length of time, if yo are only traveling for a certain duration then this may not be the best way to do things. You will meet like minded people and of course be able to travel for a fraction of the cost and if you have time on your hands then this is a great option for you.

Online Income

The holy grail of travel in my opinion is to work online as you ferry yourself around the World, making money as you go. The internet has brought with it so many opportunities for people of all abilities and skills to be able to make a living online. Digital nomadism is a super cool prospect and one that if you can achieve it, will see you heading to wherever you like, whenever you like with the only basic requirement, an internet connection. If this was as popular as it is right now when I was traveling then I can tell you for sure that I would still be traveling now. If you are curious about making this a reality then get online and get researching about ways in which you can use your skills to make an online income, once you’ve done that then get your rucksack on and go have the time of your life.