Breast Augmentation, Why I Did And Why I Won’t Regret It

Last year I took a decision which I had been thinking about for some time, to finally go in and have my breasts operated on, ini order to increase their size. I first had a consultation at the Naidu Plastic Surgery around 5 years ago, but simply wasn’t prepared to make the commitment.

Breast augmentation surgery is fairly common these days with thousands of women all over the world looking at this as a viable option in terms of improving their bodies. I wanted to talk to you today a little bit about why I decided on this surgery, how the procedure went and most importantly, how I feel about it since having the work completed. If you are thinking about undergoing this surgery, read on for some more info.

Why I Went In

Ever since I was young I have had smaller breasts than the rest, throughout my school years many would tell me that I was a lat developer but in truth, that lat development never came. Getting bigger breasts was not about impressing others, it was about making me feel more confident in my own skin. As anyone with a flat chest will tell you, trying on clothes in the store can bring you down, putting a bikini on in summer makes you feel uncomfortable and undressing in front of someone can be a traumatic experience. There are many reasons which I would call the wrong reasons for undergoing surgery, such as impressing people or keeping up with fashion, in my view however, my reasons were the right ones.

The Procedure

I won’t talk you through the whole procedure but what I do want to do is mention a few key pieces of information about what will happen. Make sure that you speak at length with your surgeon about what your expectation is of the surgery, for example they don’t recommend moving up more than 2 cup sizes so if you want big, you’ll have to be patient. The procedure takes place in a just a few hours and the recovery could see you back on your feet in just a few days. There is some slight pain and sensitivity afterwards, but nothing too severe.

How I Feel

I would most definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who has issues about the size of their chest. Not only was the work completed to a high standard, meaning that my breast look perfect, symmetrical and free from scarring,  it has really improved the way that I feel. I have explored a whole new range of clothes which I can now wear thanks to my new shape, I feel more confident and at ease in the bedroom and last year’s beach holiday was the most comfortable that I have ever felt in a swimsuit. The results of the op were just as I had hoped for, a more confident, attractive and comfortable me.