Everything That You Wanted to Know About Breast Augmentation

If you have been thinking about or looking into the possibility of undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it is of course important that you first understand everything about it. I underwent this surgery just last year after thinking long and hard about the decision for almost 18 months. As it turned out, I was absolutely over the moon with my procedure and the results and it has left me feeling far more confident and much happier in myself. The breast augmentation OC offers, at least in terms of options, is incredible and it can be difficult to pick the right clinic, after researching heavily, I finally found a clinic which made me feel comfortable, and who could deliver the results that I was looking for.

Aside from picking the right clinic, here is some important information which you need to know if you are planning cosmetic surgery.

The Surgery

This is a cosmetic surgery procedure which is for women who wish to enhance the size of their breasts, reduce the size of their breasts or for women with mis-shaped breast or sagging breasts as a result of age, sudden weight loss or pregnancy.


In terms of you being a solid candidate for breast augmentation surgery, you need to be a person in good health, both physically and mentally, you cannot have the procedure done if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and finally that your breasts are fully developed.

How Much Does It Cost?

Naturally this is something that will change from surgeon to surgeon but the average cost of breast augmentation surgery is $3,719. The difference in terms of price which you may see, is because of a number of factors such as skill level of the surgeon and their experience, geographical location and sometimes going to a chain of clinics could also come with higher costs.

Is It Safe?

The idea of cutting your breast open and inserting a foreign object may sound scary but this is an incredibly safe procedure which is carried out thousands of times each year. Techniques and research advancements have meant that not only is the procedure itself very safe, but so too are the implants which are placed inside the breast tissue.

What Recovery to Expect

After the procedure you may feel some slight pain in the breast area, you will be sent home with a gauze dressing and a stretchy bandage. The recovery time after breast augmentation surgery is actually very quick, with many women returning to work just a few days after the operation. You may be prescribed pain meds, and the recommendation is that you avoid lifting or carrying and over-exertion.

Best Clinic

Whilst many clinics will offer this procedure, it is still important that you find the right clinic for you. This is just as much about finding the clinic which you feel comfortable with, as it is about you finding the best price, and the best surgeon. Expect to spend a lot of time researching the best place for you.