What to do With All of Your Travel Pics

If you are anything like me then I imagine you have thousands and thousands of photos of your travels, sat on your computer or your mobile. I love to snap photos but every now and again I realize that I simply have to many photos to know what to do with. In truth, there are probably a great many photos which you have stored, that serve absolutely no purpose any longer.

If you too are in this boat, then I recommend that you do what I did, and set a day aside to deal with the mountains of photos which you have taken. I have some great ideas for your photos so grab a cup of coffee, put some music on and let’s get sorting those photos.


The first thing which you need to understand is how ruthless you will have to be with your photos. Very often we snap pics thinking that they look great, but on reflection they perhaps don’t look exactly like we thought. You must be prepared to throw away or delete a lot of photos which simply hold no value.


During the process of sifting through your photographs you need to look at placing them in different albums for each location or event. Set these categories up as you go and then simply drag and drop each worthy photo into its own category. This is super important because it means that when you want to reflect upon a particular event or journey, you can do so with absolute ease.


Photos are great to look at on your computer but why not use some of your photos and do something a little different with them. You could for example print some photos for your walls in the home, to remind you of some memorable moments. Alternatively you could gift some photos to your partner or a friend, a quick search of the web and you can find the best online photo album maker, which will collect your photos together in a way that you choose, and then add some design touches to it to make it look great. Whether this be a photo album for yourself or for a loved one, the results of printing and collecting your photos will look absolutely great.


Something which I would most definitely recommend that you do with your photos is to make sure that they are backed up, for this I would suggest that you use a portable hard drive. Unfortunately, as great as digital photos are, once they are gone, they could be gone forever. A stolen laptop, a lost phone, a missed cloud backup and you may never be able to retrieve those memories again, ensure that this doesn’t happen by backing them up on multiple devices and on cloud software.

Be sure that once you have finally organized your photos, that you try to stay on top of it, select a day each month where you will categorize each photo, doing it each month won’t take much time and it means that you won’t have to have a big day of sorting out again in the future.