What Are The Perks of Life as a Digital Nomad

The phrase digital nomad seems to get thrown around an awful lot these days as more and more people seek to make a living online. The idea of having a location-independent career isn’t new, businessmen and women have been running companies from their phones and fax machines for years, what the internet has done however, is to make the location-independent lifestyle, or indeed, digital nomad lifestyle, far more accessible to a wider range of people.

Digital nomadism isn’t just about being able to make an income from the internet, whilst that is a key part in what being a digital nomad is about, it is important to remember that the ‘nomad’ part of the phrase. Earning online and wandering your way around the World is a fantastic way of life and one that many strive to achieve, let’s take a look at some of the perks of being a digital nomad.

Freedom of Movement

The only requirements for this kind of lifestyle are a portable computer and an internet connection, this means that you could sit in a cafe in Amsterdam, soak up the sun in Barbados or sit beneath the Taj Mahal should you so wish, and still be able to earn a living. This is by far one of the most attractive sides to the digital nomad lifestyle and if it freedom of movement that you are after then you should start looking at ways to make it happen.

No Commute

No more taking, the metro, the bus or sitting in endless traffic during rush hour, having a job without the commute will give you so much more time in your life. Just think what you could do with the hours of travel time that you spend each week going to and from your job, with a digital nomad lifestyle, you simple need to wake up and switch on your laptop.

Flexibility of Working Hours

When it comes down to the hours which you work, these will be down to you, this is not to say that you can have a laissez-faire approach to your work, on the contrary but it does mean that you can work in the hours that suit you. Most online jobs will be your own self-employment or freelance positions and whilst there will be deadlines to be met, the time of day when you work is completely up to you.

No Asking For Time Off

Something that is a real blessing with this type of lifestyle is not having to ask for vacations or time off from your boss and on those days where you wake up and don’t feel great, you don’t need to call up and explain yourself for not working. with this lifestyle, if you want a vacation to go traveling, take it, a few days off, take it, the only thing that is worth remembering is that if you don’t work, you won’t get paid.

Earning in Dollars

The large majority of online income comes by way of dollars and with the greenback doing so well at the moment against the likes of the Pound the Euro and the Mexican Peso, you can really make your money go a great deal further.