Australian Cities You Should Be Heading to This Year

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the World, it is a land that is filled with stunning beaches, rich culture, iconic landmarks and around every corner there is some new and exciting to discover. Each year, million of tourists head to the shores of this huge island in order to experience Aussie life and the stunning landscape that can be found in the country and today we are going to tell you the Australian cities which you should be putting on your list for places to visit in 2017.

My good friend and fellow Aussie, Lisa Dudzik helped me put together this list and if you can hit some of these cities then we are sure that you will not be disappointed.


Iconic landmarks, bustling city life, huge events and stunning beaches, Sydney epitomizes what Australia is a ll about and a visit to the country simply must involve a visit to Sydney. The home of the famous surfing beach Bondi, the incredible harbor with the art-deco opera house and of course the iconic Harbour Bridge are just some of the things to see and do in this vast city. The attractions of Sydney are very close together and you could be surfing on the morning and climbing the iconic bridge by night.


Arguably the home of Australian sport and events and one of the fastest growing cities in Australia, Melbourne makes for a great city for you to spend some time during your trip to Australia. From the trendy Federation square which is packed with hip bars and restaurants and art museums to the 100,000 capacity MCG stadium, Melbourne is a city that is alive and a trip to the city will be filled with fun and relaxation in equal measure.


The capital of Western Australia is Perth, a stunning city which sits where the sprawling Swan River meets Australia’s southwest coast. Perth is a metropolitan city which incorporates beautiful white, sandy beaches within its suburban areas. Perth is something of a mecca for artists and the city features many museums and theaters which show regular ballet and opera shows. If you want to see the city from the best location then take a small ferry down the Swan River to enjoy a meal as you float on down and take in the breathtaking Perth skyline.


The home of the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is a city of adventure and activity, in this tropical city you will be able to visit the reef, take a train or a cable car though the rainforest or relax in a saltwater lagoon. For this who are looking at getting active during their time in Australia, Cairns is the perfect place, a cosmopolitan city that sits right on the edge of some of the most beautiful nature that the whole country has to offer. For those of you looking to add a little extra to your Australia trip, Cairns is the place to be.