How to See the World Without Carrying Your Entire Shoe Collection

The internet has shown us the world. However, it has also shown us that if you want to reach these places then you need to get on a plane, and that costs money! Especially if you want to take a checked baggage full of shoe options with you!

However, what if there were ways for you to take just the right amount of shoes for a range of destinations? Keep reading to find out more!

Spending time in a rainforest

There is no denying that hiking through a rainforest is one of the most relaxing and breathtaking experiences. From looking at trees older than you can image to discovering animals you never knew existed. However, if you pack the wrong shoes then you can find yourself with an injury.

If you are headed to a rainforest type destination, just take the following:

  • Water and slip proof hiking boots
  • Good quality Sneakers
  • Sandals

The reason why your sneakers need to be good quality is because they will be your second most used shoe while you are traveling. While you will spend much of your time in your hiking boots, when you just want to walk around and explore the towns then you will need good quality sneakers for the task. A rosewholesale coupon from Groupons Coupons is a good place to start and can be delivered to your work to make it easier to collect before your adventure!

Headed for the Snow

If you are lucky enough to be taking on the snow then you will need a completely different range of shoes, like the following:

  • Waterproof Hiking Boots
  • Good quality sneakers
  • Dress shoes

You understand the sneakers but why the dress shoes? While you will spend time on the slopes, the daylight hours will be limited, meaning that the majority of your time will actually be spent socialising in one of the many places in the snow-town. And to get into the places you will want to get into, you had better believe that you will need to wear dress shoes.

Straight up Wet Weather

Of course, there are just times when you want to visit a wet destination. Whether it’s to take on some water-based adventure challenges or you just enjoy traveling when the flights are cheaper. Whatever your reason, below is what you should pack in your carry on:

  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • A good quality pair of sneakers
  • A good quality pair of sandals

When it comes to wet weather destinations, it’s important that you pack a pair of high quality waterproof hiking boots. Even if you have some old ones in the closet, consider updating them before you travel so ensure that the ones you have don’t break and you are stuck having to pay tourist prices.

Traveling the world is a great way to open your eyes and expand your mind and with the tips above it is something that you can do without having to pay extra just to pack your shoes!