5 Top Things to Do in Ecuador

Ecuador is chock full of amazing places to go and things to see and it’s the perfect destination for whatever you seek from a foodie getaway to an adrenaline-fulled adventure vacation. Here are 5 of the top things to do in Ecuador.

Private Mindo Zip Lining, Chocolate and Equator

Zip lining is one of those activities you have to try at some point of your life. Not only do you get a huge adrenaline rush, but the beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes are breath-taking. So, why not take a trip to the Private Mindo Zip Lining, and while there,  visit the El Quetzal chocolate factory, watch the chocolate making process and get to taste the delicious hand-made chocolates.

Not only that, but after the chocolate factory visit and zip lining, you will stop for lunch at a local restaurant followed by visiting the Intinan Museum where can will walk along the ‘equator line’.

White Water Rafting in Banos

Feel like changing the pace while in Ecuador? Get prepared for a wild day jam packed full of fun. Set off on a 5-hour expedition in the beautiful glistening waters of Banos. While out on the water, you will raft through Class III to IV rapids (depending on what time of year you go).

If you want to do the Class IV rapids, you will have to time it right as that route is only open from August through May. This route will pass through the upper portion of the Pastaza river and will go to Topo via San Francisco.

Those wanting to do the Class III rapids can do so all year round which will cover Madre Sierra and Le Penal villages.

Downhill Mountain Biking on Cotopaxi Volcano

A lot of people like to hike and the 5897 meter Cotopaxi is certainly a challenge. However, why walk up it when you can ride down it downhill mountain bike style? This activity is a great fit for most people, regardless of age and is definitely an experience to remember.

Cotopaxi, is in fact the 2nd largest volcano in Ecuador and not to alarm anyone, but it is actually one of the world’s tallest active volcanos.

Shopping at Otavalo Market

How about a chilled day out at a market? Then Otavalo Market is the place for you. It is located 3 hours north of Quito and tends to be the busiest on Saturdays. Just a tip, anyone wanting to visit better have their haggling skills up to scratch.

Galapagos Cruise: 4-Day Tour to Santa Cruz, Genovesa and San Cristobal Islands

If you will be in Ecuador for a while, why not take 4 days out for one of the most memorable 4-day tours of your life?  The 4-day tour will take you into the Galapagos Islands which is a just off the Ecuadorian coast. Sit back and enjoy the incredible views from the San Jose yacht. While there, food is supplied from the buffet bar and tea and coffee is available whenever you want. Over the 4-days, you will be visiting multiple locations, seeing a whole lot more of Ecuador you may not have visited before. Each day will be different and you definitely won’t regret taking the time to experience this.