Bali Cafes That Offer the Most Sumptuous Brunch

Imagine this for a second: You and your companions have been travelling and you find yourself in the beautiful island of Bali as of this moment. It is a lazy Sunday morning and you understandably slept in. Well, you see that it is 10:00 a.m. already, which is too late for breakfast and a bit early for lunch. You know where this is going – you all decide to have brunch!

Bali is not just about the luxury resorts, the beaches, and the awesome shopping opportunities. It is also about the food. Bali is crawling with amazing cafes that offer delicious brunch dishes that will have you full for the rest of your day. It makes getting Indonesian visas for everyone in the group so much worth it.

So whether you are into a feast-like breakfast or more into the healthy energising meals, these Bali cafes have it all for you.

La Lucciola

What can be more perfect than brunch at a beach setting? Enjoy the wafting of the sea breeze from the picturesque Seminyak beach. You can get classic Mediterranean fare with just a dash of Asian spice. One of their must-try dishes is a pan seared trout with lemon preserves dressing and marinated artichokes, then get their vanilla bean souffle for dessert.

Seniman Coffee Studio

If you want to give your coffee experience a whole new twist, then the Seniman Coffee Studio is just the place for you. It is such an artistic place among rice paddies. One of the first things you will notice about it is how well the lighting just gives off a certain warm vibe that makes the cafe such a comfortable place. Even their dishes is served in such a way that brings in both modernity and the rice paddies on a plate. They offer espresso-based drinks, siphon coffee, Soto Ayam, even a Full English Breakfast.

The Porch

The Porch is a more laid back setting, a cafe complete with a veranda and outdoor sitting filled with soft cushions and pillows for those who prefer the outdoor breeze. The cafe offers Australian fare made from the freshest ingredients. Gorge on homemade pies, sandwiches, and more. They also serve some of the best coffee in Bali; you can try their flat white coffee, even their complimentary Bali coffee is amazing.

Made’s Warung

A true local legend, Made’s Warung’s story is one that a lot of people love recounting. It started out as a small dining place that grew into one of the most recommended restaurant with two branches. They have live performances to entertain patrons who come in, whether they are foreign or local. Dishes you can try are their Nasi Campur Special, Cold Green Tea Soba Noodle, other international fare.

There are still so many places where you can have that much needed and anticipated Bali brunch. So do not worry about sleeping in on your vacation, you deserve it. And besides, if these dishes is what you will have to look forward to for waking up late, then the hassle of going to different city tours is most certainly worth it.