How Dolan Law Firm, PC Works For You

In the event of a personal injury, case of work discrimination, abuse of an elder, and even wrongful termination, you need a good lawyer to ensure that you are not going to come out holding the short end of the stick. If you are in the Bay Area, that lawyer is Chris Dolan or one of his associates in the Dolan Law Firm, PC. This is because Dolan works differently from other lawyers in the area, trying to get you what you deserve, but also ensuring that laws you haven’t even thought of are being followed. Here are a few of the different ways that Dolan and his law firm can work for you.

1. Free Claim Reviews

While some lawyers will charge for a consultation or will want you to put down a fee to talk to them about specifics, the professionals at Dolan will review your entire claim for free. If they feel that there is something they can do, they will then work with you to determine how the case should be paid, and to ensure that you will be able to live comfortably while waiting for the outcome of the case. Often they will be able to get their fees included in any settlement that you receive, making it so that you never have to pay anything out of pocket.

2. Easy Access For Working Clients

The Oakland office is placed in an easy to access area, granting easy access to both the state and federal courthouses. The office is easy to access from the local BART station and other forms of transport as well. They even provide easy parking, ensuring that clients who are in a hurry are able to get in and out without too much hassle.

Their two floor building also provides easy access to clients with disabilities, with d├ęcor that focuses on allowing better access while still providing an extremely professional atmosphere.

3. Highly Trained And Specialized Staff

Many law firms have a number of lawyers you are jack of all trades, they can work on most cases, but they aren’t specialized into small areas. The Dolan firm is different, and each of the members of the team have specialized into one area or another, making it easier for them to win cases and to pick out the cases that are most likely to be worth pursuing.

This also allows them to be quicker than most firms, reviewing contracts, interactions, evidence, and statements with an eerie accuracy, rather than needing large amounts of time to determine if a case is worth taking on. This gets you in and out of their office faster, and gets you the information that you need without the stress of a long waiting period.

The Dolan firm has worked hard to ensure that they are always there for their clients, they are able to fight for their clients where others would give up, and that they are the best of the best in the Bay Area.