Where To Go Online To Learn Something New

If you are looking to learn something new then you no longer need to go back to school or college in order to do it. Because of the times that we are living in, all you need to do is switch on your laptop or computer, and get searching the web for a treasure trove of information, right at your fingertips from blogs, online magazines and educational resources.

There are so many ways in which you can learn new things using the internet and regardless of whether you are looking to learn how to play the guitar, for guides on improving your photography skills or taking some online Chinese classes, the internet has got you covered. If you are looking to learn something new online, here are some ideas for you to do just that.


YouTube is about more than just watching animals fighting in the wold or toddlers biting their siblings fingers and you can really make the most out of the video sharing platform when it comes to learning new things. The website is absolutely packed with tutorials and how-to guides which can help you to learn anything from playing piano to speaking French.


Wikihow set out to become a website which essentially provided a manual for life, and since its inception, that is exactly what it has done. This website offers guides on how to do just about anything and if you are looking at picking up a new skill, this is a great place to start. The guides are step-by-step which means minimal confusion and there are photos and images to help you out along the way.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a non-profit website which offers free, university level education on a huge range of subjects. The courses which you can take on with the academy are wide ranging and they come in the form of YouTube tutorials, course materials in PDF format and they even have tutors who you can speak to if you are struggling. This is a great way in which you can really boost your education, without the need to go to a university, college or school to do so.

TED Talks

TED is a media outlet which posts daily videos which sees many experts from countless areas of education, giving speeches to an audience. There is so much that you can learn from these videos and the sheer volume of information which you can find out when listening to these inspiration people is incredible. Whether you are looking to improve you knowledge about science, philanthropy, languages, nihilism, religion or sports, you can do so through listening to these brilliant videos. The videos and podcasts can even be downloaded to your mobile device or tablet so that you can learn whilst you are on the go.

These are just four of the countless options available to you if you want to learn something new using the internet. Whilst you will need to observe a great deal of self discipline when learning, there are so many benefits to boosting your education online rather than attending a brick educational institute.