Months of Travel Might Mean Important Decisions


No matter where the roads may take you, you may discover that storing your possessions for a period of time is in your best interests while away.

Even if you plan on keeping your current residence while gone for a number of months, some items may be better off stored somewhere. This can be especially true for those individuals going worldwide for months at a time to buy goods etc. You don’t want to come home, only to find you have nowhere to go with countless items meant for you and your residence.

Another scenario where travel might mean some extra work and thought while away is your home’s well-being.

Unless you are selling your residence or ending a lease etc. and won’t have a permanent home, you need to account for your place. Will someone be watching it for you? If you’re in a cold winter climate, will the home be safe in terms of pipes not freezing and other weather-related issues? What about preventing potential break-ins?

Yes, it sounds like much to think about, but with good old-fashioned planning, you can better relax.

Storing Your Items When Gone

If the need for self storage is in your near future, how do you know where to go?

While nothing is typically as easy as it sounds, you can make the storage center process less difficult with the following:

  1. Research – Put some time and effort into finding the best storage center. Look for not only a secure neighborhood and facility itself, but also clearly examine the expenses. It is not uncommon for a number of storage centers to offer deals to entice new business. Whether that is a free first month of rent or discounts by securing units online, keep your ears and eyes open;
  2. Asking around – In some cases, outside family members and/or friends currently rent units or may have done so in the past. Lean on them for advice as to how best secure your own unit. In mentioning the Internet a moment ago, definitely use it for guidance. You will find just about anything and everything you ever wanted to know about storage centers on there;
  3. Don’t junk it up – Finally, don’t cart all your junk to a storage center, especially if you will be gone for a significant period of time and/or bringing back lots of stuff. Why pay someone else to essentially babysit your junk? Do thorough reviews of all your possessions before you decide to hit the road for a significant amount of time. This will lessen not only the physical stress of getting the items to storage and/or home, but also the mental stress of all you have to do.

Keeping the Home Safe and Sound

If your travels will take you far away for a significant amount of time, you can’t simply lock the door and hope all will be well.

For those traveling abroad or even in the military (those without family at home etc.) and gone for months or more at a time, decisions have to be made.

If you will be keeping your current residence while gone, make sure someone (maybe multiple people) will be checking on it for you.

Among the areas to cover:

  1. Security – First and foremost, an unattended home or apartment etc. is a recipe for disaster. In today’s digital age, many criminals are turning to social media to discover when people may be away from their homes. In doing so, they can find out when is the best time to strike. Be sure you have this important task covered in terms of making it seem like someone is always around;
  2. Condition – Also make sure your home’s condition is accounted for while away. From weather issues to simply paying bills like electric, cable etc. do lots of pre-planning. This will likely avert coming home to mounting expenses; expenses that can make all that time you were away seem even more costly.

No matter where your travels take you, be prepared so that your residence and property won’t miss you.