Don’t miss these Orlando attractions on your next Florida vacation

Walt Disney World is one of the most popular Orlando attractions
Photo by CC user flippoker on Flickr.

Planning a vacation to Florida this fall or winter? There are no shortage of amusement parks in the Orlando area. This makes it a good idea to figure out which ones make the most sense for you and your family to visit before boarding the plane to America.

Below, we will suggest four attractions that will be sure to make your next Florida vacation the best yet…

1) Walt Disney World

Out of all the Orlando attractions, Walt Disney World is by far the most popular. Many people associate Walt Disney World with Florida so heavily that paying a visit to this theme park is never in doubt.

Comprised of six different parks, those planning to center their vacation around this gargantuan attraction will want to block off at least four to seven days to do this place justice.

Start with the Magic Kingdom, and then make your way around to EPCOT (home to futuristic technologies), Disney Hollywood Studios (focused around the art of making movies), Animal Kingdom (one of the largest zoos in the world), and Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach (both world-class water parks). Be sure to get your tickets online before you go to avoid any last-minute disappointments.

2) Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios is another excellent theme park to visit while in the Orlando area. Based around the films and television shows that Universal Studios has produced over the years, this park allows you to experience the movies through its many immersive experiences (such as 4D films) and theme park rides.

With characters from Harry Potter to woody Woodpecker strolling the grounds, you will also be able to meet the characters behind your favorite shows.

3) Seaworld

Want to come face-to-face with the creatures of the deep without having to strap on SCUBA gear? Spending a day at Sea World is the perfect way to do this.

Despite what you might think from years of their commercials, there’s more to do here then see killer whales. There are marine exhibits that will allow you to touch manta rays, as well as see manatees, penguins and alligators up close.

There are also plenty of roller coasters, flume rides, and live shows that will entertain those with a variety of interests.

4) Discovery Cove

Want to have a more intimate experience with some of the animals that you see at Seaworld? Discovery Cove affords you this opportunity, as it has custom built coral reefs that will allow you to interact with a variety of tropical fish, manta rays, and bottlenose dolphins.

Those that wish to spend a day at Discovery Cove will need to reserve tickets in advance, so don’t delay in putting in your order if you want to have one of the most memorable experiences in your life.