How to Make Your NYC Apartment Cool and Trendy

New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Many of the people that live here indulge in high end fashion in every area of their lives. This includes the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, and the apartments or houses they call home.

When someone in New York City pays a social visit to your apartment, they expect it to be a conversation piece, and up to speed with all of the latest fashion trends.  Therefore if you live in an apartment in New York City, you need to make sure that you are on your game in terms of how your apartment presents. Here are some ideas for making your living space the talk of the town.

The Kitchen is a Place to Hangout

The biggest change in contemporary homes is the kitchen. Previously the kitchen was a place where meals were prepared and not much more. Today however family and friends are is likely to be congregated in the kitchen as any other room in the house. For this reason, kitchens have taken on a dual purpose of meal preparation and guest accommodation. Today’s kitchens feature Islands that have seating for guests. Islands also provide a great space for placing snacks and drinks for guests. The New York City guess what for right at home in the kitchen that features an island or similar area to drink and snack.

The Living Room Should be Comfortable

Living rooms in the 80s and 90s were the showplace areas of the apartment. Families really sat in the living room and only special guest would be directed there to hang out and talk. Today however living rooms are treated differently in New York City apartments. These rooms are much more inviting, with comfortable furniture and chairs and sometimes even televisions. So when you select furniture for your living room make sure that you choose comfy over stuffy.

Get Your Colors Right

Getting your colors right in your living space in New York City is really important. The colors you choose for your space will either attract or potentially repel guests. Focus on neutral colors if you want to play it safe, or if your goal is to truly impress, consider darker or even bold paint colors.

For many residents in NYC painting is a small price to pay to become part of the trendy set. So put this on your list of things to do to make your apartment look contemporary. If you are confused about which painting direction to take, do your homework and review the latest “stylish home trends” magazines or websites to find the colors that will impress.

You can also hire company like New York City based Janovic to consult you on paint colors and other wall coverings for your home. Using this type of service can both ensure that you end up with an apartment that impresses and also save you time and money.