How Rebar Has Changed the Way We Live Today

Steel reinforcement, or rebar as it is known, has dramatically changed the way we build structures, with almost every building you see using rebar as a form of added structural strength. Rebar comes in a range of thicknesses, and typically, the steel bars would be wired together to form a framework, and this framework would be put into position and connected to another section of rebar, before the wet concrete is poured, and this will cover the rebar.

Tensile Strength

While concrete is very durable, it lacks tensile strength, and with the steel reinforcement, the structure would not be able to withstand the stresses. Steel and concrete go well together, as they both have similar properties concerning expansion and contraction. If you are in Western Australia, and are looking for steel reinforcement mesh, the ideal people to talk to are Best Bar, Australia’s leading steel reinforcement supplier.

Cost Effective

The use of rebar allows construction projects to be safely completed, and the costs are not excessive. With such a wide range of rebar solutions, it is possible to create a mesh framework that is customised for the specific task, and it will provide the necessary strength at an affordable price.

Small Construction Projects

If you are extending your home, or adding a pool, you will need to use rebar, and with customised solutions, your new structure will last for many years. Without rebar solutions, it would be very expensive to build, as concrete would not be suitable without some type of inner material that gives it tensile strength.

Large Developments

Sky scrapers, bridges, roads, and most types of large structures would incorporate rebar, and in order to keep to schedule, the project would need a reliable supplier, one that can be relied upon to meet their deadlines. Having many workers sitting around waiting for the rebar to arrive is not something any project manager wants to experience, so it is vital the rebar arrives on time, and to specification, as the concrete will also be scheduled to arrive as soon as the rebar is fixed into position.

Urban Environments

If you live in a city, you are surrounded by rebar. It will be everywhere you look, and although you cannot see it, you can see the mass of concrete that the rebar is holding together. Even the road surface you drive upon is strengthened by rebar, very bridge you cross, every building you enter, all will use rebar of some type.

Mesh Reinforcement

The latest generation of rebar is easily meshed together to form a strong framework that the concrete can bind with, and with customised solutions, a lot of time and energy is saved. Whatever the project, if there’s concrete involved, it will need rebar, and with established suppliers working round the clock to keep up with the demand, steel rebar continues to provide the essential support for concrete structures.

Modern life would never be the same without steel reinforcement, and although it isn’t always visible, it is comforting to know that rebar keeps the buildings and roads together.