Should You Tour New South Wales, Australia?

Photo by CC user Gemma Stiles on Flickr.

Located in south east Australia, New South Wales invites visitors from around the globe, all who are looking for a mixture of sun, sand, jungle and friendly locals. Not to mention some great eats as well. But with so much to do and see, is one way of exploring the area better than the next? Though this isn’t an easy question to answer as opinions vary widely, the consensus is that a tour is the way to go. But why use a tour when you can freely explore on your own?

Forget having to plan your drives

When you book one of the blue mountain tours available, not only are you making the need for a vehicle that day completely unnecessary, but you’re inviting a bit of luxury right to your hotel lobby. This is because the tour bus will pick you up right at your hotel before taking you out for a day of adventure. For many, this is a big plus as you won’t have to get out your map or GPS and try to find the sights you’re interested in all on your own. If this is your first time to New South Wales, you’ll be able to gain a little bit of understanding on how to get to different places without having to sit behind the wheel.

Let someone else teach you about the area

Even though it can be lots of fun trying to learn about the area through guidebooks and your favorite travel websites, sometimes it’s a bit harder to do as you’re driving around. When you decide to take a tour instead, you’re putting that pressure on your tour guide, which will arguably know the most (and best) information as well as a few inside tips. You might even be able to ask for some information on other attractions in the area that you’re interested in visiting as well.

They’ll provide the snacks

Instead of having to pay for snacks at the hotel’s vending machine or the gas station before you head out, you’ll be treated to snacks on the bus. These snacks are a part of the tour rate, meaning that you won’t have to open up your wallet and dump out all of your change to satisfy your hunger. Sure, you’re going to want to eat before and after your tour, but the snacks will help keep you going and feeling good for a few hours. This is true of water and sometimes other drinks as well, making the tours available that much more inviting.

When you choose a tour, you’re not only giving yourself a leg up on other tourists as far as learning the lay of the land and all the facts and figures that come with it, but you’re also helping to support the local economy, making it a win win for everyone involved. If you find that your interest is sparked and you’d like to do more than one tour, take a look into a blue mountains tour package.