The scenic Oceania: top spots for your next travel destination

Fraser Island in Australia is definitely part of what would considered Scenic Oceania
Photo by CC user AusBackpacking on Pixabay

There’s so few other travel locations in the world that can compare to Oceania. This list of places includes New Zealand, Australia, and other numerous small islands that you’ll agree to be some of the most gorgeous locations in the world.

What makes Oceania so famous is its diversity, sunny islands, and limitless potential for discovery and adventure. With all of these, you’re bound to have a perfectly unique experience that you’ll never forget – something that will keep you coming back, whichever scenic Oceania destination you decided to visit.

Blue Lake. Nestled in Nelson Lakes National Park in New Zealand, this incredible natural lake boasts the clearest water in the world. It is considered by the Māori people as sacred, therefore it is prohibited to go to it directly. You may still view it either by hiking up to two days (you’ll see vast amount of wildlife) after entering the park or well, you can also ride a helicopter.

Tiwi Islands. When we picture nature, it’s always with flowers amidst leagues of grasses. That’s what you’ll see here. But what really makes this location so special is the culture that you’ll discover on the islands. About 90 percent of the population is made up of Aborigines, and you’ll need a permit and arranged tour with a local guide to access the islands. This’ll make your trip one that you won’t forget.

Avaiki Cave. You’ll need to board a plane from Auckland, New Zealand to get here. The Avaiki Cave is found in the island of Niue where the first settlement of Polynesians arrived in 900 A.D. A perfect place to appreciate the Earth’s raw beauty.

Fraser Island. This is the largest sand island in the world – and guess what? You’ll love everything that you can do here, including camping, hanging out on the beach, going on fishing tours, and even visiting shipwrecks, including the famous SS Maheno, once a hospital ship used in WWI. It was being towed for scrap when a storm broke the tow chain – they just left her there. It’s now a tourist attraction, so technically still a win.

Kangaroo Island. As you’ve guessed with its name. Kangaroo island is the perfect place for and to see kangaroos. There’s also a ton of other wildlife for you to see, including seals, koalas, penguins, etc. It’s the Australian wildlife like you’ve never seen before.

Keeping yourself safe and protected. Now that you know more Oceanic travel destinations, you must be raring to pack up your bags and leave. No matter your destination, it helps to stay safe by doing the following:

  • Protect yourself before flying by purchasing a travel insurance. Many travel insurance promotions are available online as quick access regardless of your destination. A travel insurance protects you from most airlines-related faults and accidents.

  • Research the location extensively beforehand to ensure that the environment, climate, and overall setting are acceptable both to your health and well, finances.

  • Protect you and your family’s health by taking any prescribed vaccines and stocking up on a basic health kit.

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